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Tweaking Ckeditor

Ckeditor aka the <cms:editable type='richtext' name='my_text' />-tag helps you editing content in backend.

There a two scenarios for this tag.


A editor put content in a place, where no block elements are allowed. But setting HTML inline tags like <b>, <i>, <u>, <br> or <a> would make sense:

<h1><cms:show headline/></h1>


A editor put content in a place, where block elements are allowed. He writes <p> , <ul>, <h1> and more. And he can set HTML tags <b>, <i>, <u>, <br> or <a>, too.

<div class="rte"><cms:show text/></div>

The solution

Most editors are not familiar with the difference between a paragraph and a line break. They will forget, in which case they have to press enter’ or shift-enter. Wouldn’t it be great, if we define it for them?

I have some good news for you. In Aug 20, 2020 @kksid made some changes to field.php.

Extending the kfunctions

Place the following code in your addons/kfunctions.php

$FUNCS->add_event_listener( 'ckeditor_alter_config', function(&$config, $f){
    $classes = explode( ' ', $f->class );
    if( count($classes) ){
        $arr_enter = array( 'ck-enter-p'=>'CKEDITOR.ENTER_P',  'ck-enter-br'=>'CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR', 'ck-enter-div'=>'CKEDITOR.ENTER_DIV' );
        $arr_shift_enter = array( 'ck-shiftenter-p'=>'CKEDITOR.ENTER_P',  'ck-shiftenter-br'=>'CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR', 'ck-shiftenter-div'=>'CKEDITOR.ENTER_DIV' );

        foreach( $classes as $class ){
            if( array_key_exists($class, $arr_enter) ){
                $config['enterMode'] = $arr_enter[$class];

            if( array_key_exists($class, $arr_shift_enter) ){
                $config['shiftEnterMode'] = $arr_shift_enter[$class];

Add the right class

If you want to use <br>, when enter is hit, add the class ck-enter-br to the richtext-element:

<cms:editable type='richtext' name='my_headline' label='Headline' toolbar='custom'
    custom_toolbar='bold, italic, strike' class='ck-enter-br' />

With the right class you can set the behavior of the richtext-element, when pressing enter:

  • ck-enter-p creates a new <p> default
  • ck-enter-br breaks the line with <br>
  • ck-enter-div creates a new <div>

Of course you can change the shift-enter behavior, too:

  • ck-shiftenter-p creates a new <p>
  • ck-shiftenter-br breaks the line with <br> default
  • ck-shiftenter-div creates a new <div>

There is no need to use the deprecated nicedit-tag.